End of Summer: France

“The world is full of love that goes unspoken. It does not mean that it is felt less deeply or, through separation, leaves a cleaner wound. Its beauty and its pain are in its silence.” – J. Worth

10 quick ideas on what to do when you find yourself traipsing around Paris and the French countryside:

1. Attend a friend’s very French, very posh wedding:


Francescas, France

2. Find a cool spot in a park and read a book, doodle, or enjoy the moment with your sweetie:


Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

3. Treat yourself to another Paris-Brest and a chocolat chaud, even when it is hot and humid outside. Because Paris!

IMG_3014 IMG_3017

Jacques Genin, Paris

4. Do some night walks with friends and check out that medieval castle:

DSC00682 DSC00686

Carcassonne, France

5. Eat a nice meal at a place that only Parisians know about, then have an ice cream at a popular but classic spot:


Ribouldingue, Paris

IMG_3073 - Version 2

Berthillon, Paris

6. Get sufficiently wet in the summer rain:


Somewhere left of the Seine, Paris

7. Meet Pierre Hermé, the dessert master:


72 rue Bonaparte, Paris

8. Wear a bangin’ accessory (like my lipstick red fringe clutch below) and attend that love-themed countryside party. Get ready to flirt:


Jamin Puech


Francescas, France

9. Salute to the men on Bastille Day:

Saint Sulpice, Paris

10. Finally, never ever forget to have a glass of wine on the daily, and relax in a café:


Le Comptoir du Relais, Paris


Any café, Paris


10 Comments on “End of Summer: France

  1. Inspired by your blog I thought to try Ribouldingue, Paris, but someone wrote on Tripadviser that it had closed. Lucky that you went while you had the chance. Thank you for liking my page.

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