Mourning Lost Lives in Kathmandu Valley

I can’t quite get over videos and photos of the current situation in Swayambhu, Bhaktapur, and Patan (see here). The news hits me harder because I gained lots of professional experience through stints in South Asia, and it is in Nepal where I’ve spent a lot of time as a photographer and researcher. I hope you’ll indulge me in my pic tribute to memories of Kathmandu Valley.

My first view of a durbar is breathtaking, worth risking a possible tumble down to the crowd:


Down below, and by stroke of luck, a political party rally is about to commence. My heart beats faster as my friend NR and I get closer to the crowd.

IMG_4941 IMG_4945

These are the formidable Newar women. Their lineage originates from prehistoric times in the area that is now Kathmandu Valley.

IMG_4949 IMG_4950

It is beyond surreal to walk around here, as if we are frozen in time.


NR knows of my love of food so she takes me to this woman who makes an egg thing wrapped in newspaper. Yum!


Sometimes this is all I want to do: look out the window, sip chai, and watch humans. Nepal is great for that.


At Hindu-Buddhist temples, I am told to walk clockwise around the stupa. I proceed and follow these young monks. While I do not experience any sort of spiritual awakening, I skip in delight for having the opportunity to visit Swayambhu.


“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground; there are a thousand ways to go home again.” – Rumi


4 Comments on “Mourning Lost Lives in Kathmandu Valley

  1. I was in Kathmandu until a week ago, and I’ve been there for 3 months. Touching. Great pictures.
    PS: we share the passion to sip tea and watch people passing by

    • I’m glad you’re okay and made it to Dharamsala safely! I was there in 2009 and loved it. Took the train from there to Delhi while sipping chai and watching people of course 😉 Safe travels, ciao!

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