Around the World in 15 Days

I was somewhere between exhausted and totally alert after flying from San Francisco to Singapore and managing to eat a kaya toast…

Then I boarded my flight to Bangladesh, feeling anxious about the dire political situation in Dhaka. I spent almost two weeks there working with my team and keeping eyes wide open for potential petrol bombings on the street. Because it was too dangerous to take a stroll outside, my world view was confined to real estate construction in Baridhara and mushroom breakfasts at the hotel:


On my departure day, I had to take the early flight out via Abu Dhabi to San Francisco due to security reasons. I laughed and cried at the thought of crossing several time zones in a span of 12 days. Back home, I arrived just in time to pack for Holland and celebrate Valentine’s Day. Our dinner at Sons & Daughters was incredible:



The next morning, I said my goodbyes and flew out to New York where I got stuck in a snowstorm! I ate my way through the airport, from club lounge food to a croque madame which I bought with miles.



Early Sunday morning, I found myself in Amsterdam, my new digs! My best friend helped set things up for me and greeted me with open arms. We immediately explored and drank and absorbed this amazing city.



I don’t know if I would have had these 15 days any other way, to have my life and work collide quite suddenly, to wake up the next day in my dream city after muscling through a chaotic one. I love it when my life is full and, along the way, wonderful possibilities are endless. This is definitely how I feel in Amsterdam. This city, the people, my colleagues, have been so good and so open to me. So stay tuned for more stories and photos of my life in Europe! 🙂


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