Ko Samui, Thailand

The entire year gave me ill health so before the year ends, I decided to de-stress and take myself out of a toxic situation. With the help of three amazing friends, we met up in Thailand to go through an ultimate detox experience together. We did quite a bit of meditation, yoga, pilates, and walks on the beach. We supported each other through this journey and made each other laugh whenever possible. I’m forever changed. Merry Christmas, my loves!

“The greatest teacher, failure is.” –Master Yoda, The Last Jedi


Honolulu, Hawaii

This is the sixth year we are celebrating the memory of my mother during the Thanksgiving holidays. She loved Hawaii and, when she was gone, we found solace here.

“Nothing is more serious than pleasure.” – John Cocteau, French writer

Brooklyn, New York

Finding unpretentious, cozy places in New York is hard, but I’ve been lucky to have experienced a few. One spot in Brooklyn is called the House of Small Wonder — a smallish greenhouse of a restaurant built around a living tree. Another place, in Manhattan, is called Hi Collar — a 30s inspired tiny bar serving up rice and eggs and siphon coffee. Stepping into these places is like time traveling in the past.

Montréal, Canada

Summer is lovely in Montréal. My scrappy backpacking tribe and I nested in Le Plateau, a hipsterish arrondissement with tattoo parlors, jazz bars, bakeries, and cold brews. Everyone spoke French with a North American drawl that was laid back enough for me to understand well and respond in Franglais. I loved their quintessential Canadian summer look — the women so tanned and toned from running, and the men so robust and scruffy from hiking. I found my zen in Montréal. All nine hours of sleep every night…and of course the trifecta: maple syrup, bourbon, and poutine. 🙂

“I’ve never been cool – and I don’t care.” – Celine Dion.

Ciudad de México Narrative

I’m excited to share the highlights of my latest adventure: Ciudad de México!

Stayed at The Red Tree House in Hipódromo neighborhood. Pretty popular among San Franciscans, New Yorkers, and digital nomads.


Climbed three pyramids in the ancient city of Teotihuacan: Sun, Moon, and Quetzalcoatl.

The history of Teotihuacan seemed mystical and brutal. There were stories of relentless uprisings, mysterious hieroglyphs, a secret tunnel, precious obsidian tools, and dragon idols.
Back in the city, ate delicious street tacos topped with silky cactus… and also some ant eggs and grasshopper guacamole.
There were superb parks, Frida Kahlo’s outfits, and unforgettable hot chocolate.
Bon week-end, everyone!

Preview: Mexico City

“Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.” –Frida Kahlo.

Paris, France

“We travel, in essence, to become young fools again–to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more.” -Pico Iyer, Author.

Porto, Portugal

Bom dia! Backpacking for two weeks in the Philippines and Spain took a bit of a toll on me so I indulged in Porto in every way possible. I wined, dined, spoiled myself in a city that I grew to love while scaling its phenomenal hills and flaneuring by the Douro river. 

Fun fact: Porto was where JK Rowling lived to teach English and write Harry Potter novels! Inspired, I wrote, too, at a bar with vinho verde, passionate poetry slamming on my diary pages. There’s something magical about this city.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid had a bit of a low-key profile, and I embraced it fully. I meandered. Got lost in the old city. I also saw the major paintings by Goya, the Guernica of Picasso, the post-surrealist work of Miro. What I witnessed in that art genre was a loss of innocence, ponderings about mortality, and lots of gothic violence and human isolation. They gave me nightmares, the ghosts of my past showing up to spook me.

The upside is that I got my eating mojo back! After suffering from some health issues in the Philippines, I’m so ready to eat and live the tapas life.